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I am not a writer. I am just the person who is addicted to travels and has passion for capturing every single piece of traveling memories in words

The lessons you can not get if just staying at home


There are some lessons you only can be aware of when bravely packing your backpack up and departing. That is the reason we call it “the living school”.

Learn how to believe in strangers

Last October, I travelled to Singapore making use of lodging freely in my Singapore-Indian friend’s house. After a few hours having played games in the airplane, I arrived to the vast Changi international airport and I noticed that my mobile’s battery was almost dead. It took too long time to find out a public telephone box which offered me to call my friend free of charge. We agreed to meet each other at exit of terminal 1.

After that, it was such a big fool that I run around acknowledging of too many exits in terminal 1. The problem was I did not know where my friend standed. Heading back I got no way to find that public telephone box, I reconciled myself to call for help from a man sitting nearby. He was very friendly, he was even aiding me to look after my luggage while I was taking his cellphone and was looking around with the aim of finding my friend. Then I came outside hopelessly, he chased to tell me that my friend called back. Finally, he supported me to describe the place where he and I was standing in order that my friend could pick me up. At home, my mother always advises me not to have complete confidence in the strange. Nevertheless, we should go far away, thinking out of box to accept the fact that, in some cases strangers are the only ones you can believe in.

Learn how to take something on faith

Coming to Bali, Indonesia for a youth international summit, I felt quite shocked when being arranged a room in dorm. Of course that next day, I got moved to the Wisma hostel, however, the infrastructure quality is the same in two places. The bathroom was equipped minimally and freakishly oldly. In depth, odour which was released pushed me to erase the need of using the bathroom. In the second day, partially I could not stand anymore, partially it was a high time that I deemed to accept, everything became easier. Apparently I came here to study, to listen and exchange, to have a different life, not living in the similar way to being at home. Changes in mind made the remaining days in Bali more agreable. Taking the plane to return, I regretted a bit and wished that I would have had more time to remain there.

Learn how to persuade

My foreign friends, especially those from western always are surprised to know that sometime Vietnamese people eat dogs, rabbits, and cats or mice. They consider those animals as pets or even close friends. However, there is a black sheep in the every flock, the mind changes from here to there. I have tried to explain to them that the Vietnamese eat dog to get rid of unluck at the end of month or year. It is a long lasting belief. My friends get partially understanding despite not completely giving assent.

We survive in this world with the natural diversity. The difference is indispensable. The most important thing is how we get well with it. It is impossible to provide any hasty conclusion which is unilateral and is based only on emotion as the way Prof Joe Brinkley in Stanford Uni, USA (who strangely got the Pulitzer prize) did.

Learn about myself

All the expenses incurred during travelling are to my account. I just get a little financial support from my family. That is why I live extremely economically to save money. Until holding the ticket of airplane already, until holding travel itinerary, I dare to believe that I can do that. Sometimes, I resigned myself to travel light to economize the costs (check-in luggage, for example). I walked a lots with my heavy suitcase, I got lost and found the way on my own. If I were just at home, getting familiar with my mother’s worries and care, I never could explore myself in such a deep way. Moreover, I could forever be a child in mother’s reach. Such a bad imagination.


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