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Green Jobs, you gotta know?


What do you think when being aware that “In the future, the only jobs left are green”?

Few months ago, I got accessed the website www.thinkprogress.org and I was quite astonished to see that headline. I felt like that the world was changing while I was just sleeping a bit. However, after acknowledging the degree of risk from climate change, pollution or exhaustion of natural resources, I absolutely agree with the writer.


What do they say about “green jobs”?


Well. What should be the reason for my nod? Actually I can be sure that not everyone of us can define what they are, green jobs. According to ILO (International Labour Organization), “Green jobs are decent jobs that reduce consumption of energy and raw materials, limit greenhouse gas emissions, minimize waste and pollution and protect and restore ecosystems”. These jobs have never been necessary like nowadays when human’s bad behaviours has more and more worsened the status of climate change. The number of disasters such as volcano, earthquake, flood or drought… has got increasingly big.

More than 200 countries around the world in general and the young in particular are all seriously concerned about this issue. Phosphore, one of the most French famous adolescence magazine also includes section “Métiers verts” (Green Jobs) in its website. Editor staff releases a lot of informatively interesting articles, some of which are orientation tests to find ouf if you are deeply keen on this field, some of which supply fairly all-sided overview of recommended green jobs.

Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation and a former president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (2000-2010) did say “Green jobs, absolutely, that’s the future” at the Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics conference. It was fully accurate that she put on scale both the benefit of green jobs and how the industry will grow with/without it. In the past, we devide the workforce into blue-collar or white-collar sectors, however we now add “green-collar” which should be mixed by both of them above. Its creation ought to erase that devision. We live together, work together, regardless of what we do for the common aim: sustainable development.

Is it possible to join this mission amateurishly?


We can not find any green jobs section in the major or subject category of any university. Because they are a conception which is both general and specifical. At school, you can focus on machine or technology. After that, you still are capable of working as an environmentalist. Why? The truth is that you can do nothing just with appearance of “environmentalist”. It is essential that you get knowledge of some specific aspects. Together with them, you can develop your passion for environment gradually and contribute to protect our Earth.

Therefore, the answer for question I raised above is  “Of course yes!”. Next, “How?”.

Let me narrate my own story which quite relates to “green” notion. In April 2012, I did take part in Science Slam Contest, a platform for students keen on both science and water pollution. Unfortunately, my friend and I only got the encouraging prize for our good presentation. Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining. Resort to it, I was chosen to come South of Korea to participate “The 1st Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water”. We, more than 80 young people coming from Asia Pacific region were assigned to discuss and to give recommendation to water status of each country. It is a marvellous chance I has got. Returning, I write a lot of Vietnamese articles to tell my trip, to tell what I gain from parliament. I believe that it can change some people’s awareness, especially the youth, although it is not too significant. In the future, I hope to experience more events in climate change and use my writing skills to make our message “Protect our Earth” more and more popular.

One more story, it belongs to my friend who did take part in “Green Economy” forum in Nepal (September 2012), “Rio +20” in Brazil (2012), “World Water forum” in France (March 2012),… Her major is Economy, even though she has a great passion for environment. Getting experienced from these events, she has come back to Vietnam and has shared to the young in some environmental seminars, meetings… In specific terms, they may call it “communication in environment”.

A lot of other examples such as IT enviromentalists (who design the softwares or machines with the aim of protecting the Earth, reducing pollution), Green Economists (who run or work for a company or enterprise having green business and committing not to cause to pollute),… may encourage you guys who desire to encounter this quite new field.

You, I, and We.


I am currently an international coordinator for Green Youth Generation. I and other members are trying to organize as many as green campaigns as possible. Our mission is getting people involved and willing to head for a green future. We work together even from distance and seldom meet each other. Because we know that no matter where we are, we all belong to a only family called “Earth”.

I am ready for being a green citizen. And you?


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