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[Chatterbox] Be at peace with the world

[Chatterbox] Be at peace with the world

Last week, my teacher asked us to tell about what we usually did at leisure, why we chose it and whether we thought that others also liked it. I kept that question in mind for a while even though it should be solved or done in few minutes. What do I usually do in the free time?

Watch TV, listen to music, read the books or write some lovely things about my life that I may find delight in… Such ordinary things that the examiners are getting bored or jaded listening all the time. My teacher recommended that no matter what we say, we should mention it with enthusiasm. Like what?

For instance, instead of acting like an academic robot saying repeatedly in a boring voice “It seems that traffic is a serious problem in Hanoi which always need to be put in concern bla bla”, you can say briefly “I hate traffic, it drives me mad and the thought of going out at the rush hours always comes as a nightmare to me…”.

Of course you should show your hatred through your facial expression. In no way can you argue that “I dont like to show any of my feelings, I keep it, it is not your business”. Yes, after all, it is up to you. But they are testing how you react with the words, the language. When you speak like a programmed robot, it seems to them that you do not understand what you are talking about. And that’s shit! Bullshit!

I have not sit any IELTs exam before. That makes me quite nervous and sometimes stressful. But its okay. I hope that advice is helpful, that I should be encouraged to express whatever I think, whatever result is.

Back to what I do as pastime or recreation, I have to say that I hardly have free time these days. I work at the office three days per week, attend badminton class twice a week, take English class 18 hours per week, learn English at home day in day out, prepare for French exam on 22th September.

The problem is that I frequently find myself empty and bored in so-called busy status. It means that sometimes I dont do anything what I should be doing. I stop writing for a while since I think that is the best way for me to concentrate on studying. But I suppose that is not right way. It is hard to figure out why I can not take a weight off my mind. I have both so many and nothing to care about, though. Well, I should stay loose, get out of Facebook or that sort of things, and live without a care in the world. That will suit me best. I think.

I looked my picture folders where I store all the photographs that I have taken, and suddenly found this. It was taken when I strolled in Dublin. Quietly, peacefully, and happily. I have a look into my own life and am surprisingly aware that I surely can have the same. I should put all the worried aside and be at peace with the world. No matter what I do, do it for myself. The same to you. 🙂

I have not planned for the long-term future. However, I promise myself to work hard for forthcoming exam in French, then IELTs exam. After that, I can set all the jobs I have taken into freelance status, and I can fly out of here. Wherever.

Yes, we should be down-to-Earth, but who can prohibit from flying to our dreamland? No one, just do what you want.

Actually, when I write that previous sentence, I think about skipping the class this afternoon. Haha. Of course I will not. Such a waste of money and time as well, if I pay the fee then skip.

It is Sunday here. Please be nice to me, Mr Sunday 🙂


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