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[Itchy feet] – Whatever you have, will travel!

[Itchy feet] - Whatever you have, will travel!

I have just learnt an idiom which is “Have something, will travel”. The example was given “The ad in the newspaper read “Have English language skills, will travel”. Ha. So what should be “something” here?

I can not say for sure, however to my mind, the first and foremost thing should be our determination. Why?

Do you often see other people jealously, who gad around the world? Your mouth closes, but someone-inside-you is speaking “Why can not I take to the road?”. Well, who is supposed to know, except for you? 🙂

The problem is that we have so many things to be afraid of. You may be a bundle of nerves when thinking whether we can get familiar with a new culture, whether we can make new friends. Sometimes, in strange places we may find ourselves on pins and needles and actually can not understand why it goes this way, not that way, etc. Dont worry your pretty head.

When I travelled to South of Korea last year, I even did not know any half of a Korean word. But I got along with people there, with life space there and found that city my own. When I floated to Sai Gon, I did not have not much money. All I had is a little wanderlust that prompted me to float towards the South. It was okay, after all.

I also read a lots about some people who bum around or get about. They covered so many miles by hitching or thumbing a lift. We must admit that money can help us in a number of things but not everything. In some cases, the thing we need most is just our passion or our heart’s desire. Keep going with it, and nothing is impossible, even reaching for the star.

However, you of course can not sit at home, reckoning “Well, I will hit the road, whatever, though I do not have money. Whatever”. Of course not. You should do as much as possible to get prepared for the trip. Some people I know are willing to be itinerant, which means travelling from one place to another, usually to work for a short period. Some of them worked on passage too. Looking your travels as a whole, it may involve some stopover when you stop for working or saving more money. It is fine, absolutely fine. Remember that you are sill on the move, that is the best thing to think and self-inspire.

Today, I hosted one of my friends who flied from Japan to reach here. We got acquainted to each other when I was studying in Ireland. She is very nice, lovely and outgoing. A good fun too. I take a stroll down memory lane, seeing happy moments we share together. And, so excited to see her here. For her, Vietnam is a stop in her odyssey. She has travelled across South East Asia, after she took a road trip throughout Japan. I admire her a lots. Surely that we will have many things to talk when meeting again.

Her flight is scheduled to land at nearly 1 pm. I will pick her up by… bus. You should know that Noi Bai international airport (Hanoi, Vietnam) is so far from city center, therefore so extravagant to take taxi to go inside. The most economical way is boarding on bus. She will be here for 3 days. Luckily the weather becomes nice again, after stormy and rainy days.

It is ridiculous that I have strolled across almost tourist attractions of Hanoi for many times. As, whenever my friends who fly over miles to visit Vietnam, I am always their guide, though I am not good enough at history or geography to express all what they should know haha. Anyway, so thrilling to be a tourist in my own city, over and over.

So sorry if this post makes you get itchy feet too. Remember to have it up your sleeve. Do not reveal that dream of travelling around the world to anyone. There will be certainly some bad cases (beside few good ones):
– They will prevent you by some thought of danger or risk you might be exposed to.
– They may fire you (if they are your employers. I dont know what is like in your country. However, here, no employer wants to hire a person who keeps a strong desire for bumming. It means that they can unexpectedly loose an employee who they have put a lot of effort on training. That is bad)

Briefly, whatever you have, will travel. The world is so big that we can not know if just sitting in front of the computer screen and strolling among the travel articles,…


3 comments on “[Itchy feet] – Whatever you have, will travel!

  1. chimomworld
    Tháng Sáu 15, 2014

    Thank you so much for your sharing!!!

    • alittlenomad
      Tháng Sáu 16, 2014

      I am so happy that someone like you enjoys it!!!!

      • chimomworld
        Tháng Sáu 16, 2014

        keep writing these travel posts in English 🙂 it inspire me a lot!

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