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I am not a writer. I am just the person who is addicted to travels and has passion for capturing every single piece of traveling memories in words

[Chatterbox] Today’s stories – It sucks.


1. Today I went to work and felt world-weary right ater I got there.

2. Today I decided to quit this job even though my manager is so gentle. I feel that I have been stuck in a groove for long time. Whenever I come to office, I find myself watching the clock all the time. I love writing but I seemingly hate editing the writings of others. Some of them frustrated me and pushed me down in the listless status. They are all stubborn when insisting that their work is good whereas definitely not, in fact.

3. Today I sat on the bus, chewing the cud and agonizing over a new mission which should be saving money and quiting this city.

4. Today I showed my friend around the city. Surprisingly she flew from Japan to Singapore with just 180 USD. I mean, the flight cost. 180 USD. It is of course not expensive. I can fly too, though I am not sure whether I have enough money to accommodate myself there or not. Whatever, I have friends in Singapore and in Japan. I am supposed not to worry about that.

5. Today I realized that I am drowsy all the time. Seem so. Suppose so. But It sucks, after all.

6. Today, I spent quite lots of money. My friend from Japan is a kinda economical type of characteristic. It is a testimony to say that, even if you come from a developped country (Japan), it doesnt mean that you can spend however you want. You should be live up to the budget. Sometimes it is annoying and it prevents us from enjoying the life. However, we should shake hand with it. Or leave it. Whatever.

7. Today, I am in the mood and am in no mood for writing something good or sparkling. So, here I am. Too tired. Like being fit to drop.



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