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[Destination] Hanoi, these days

1. Weather

Hanoi looks like a twin sister with Sai gon these days. It is a bit sunny and windy in the morning. Afternoon, evening and night are the time for intermittent rain.

Autumn! Here it is. I always feel sleepy in such kind of cool and pleasant weather.

2. Where to go

It may never change, the sightseeing of Hanoi. I just put here some pictures I took when I travelled inside the city with my friends.

– Museum of Ethology

At museum of Ethology

At museum of Ethology

– Temple of Literature


In temple of Literature

In temple of Literature

– Near Hoan Kiem lake

Can you see Hoan Kiem lake over there?

Can you see Hoan Kiem lake over there?

3. What to eat

Few days ago, I had lunch with a French friend. He seems to be a bit surprised to know that I prefer fast food rather than Vietnamese cuisine. Not quite. But, the fact is that I eat Vietnamese food all the time, at home (to save money), therefore, whenever possible, I would go for other choices.

But, here, they are some Vietnamese food that I ate in uni canteen or in the Vietnamese restaurant.


Hue porc vermicelli

Hue porc vermicelli

In book cafe

In book cafe

4. About Hanoi

– He, my French friend loves Vietnam quite lots that prompts him to rent an apartment to stay here for nearly 2 months. He already travelled throughout some main famous places of Vietnam. But his heart is here, Hanoi.

Sometimes, it is weird, that whereas so many Vietnamese people want to flee to install in other countries, especially the developing ones, a number of foreigners love Hanoi, love Vietnam.

When being asked whether I would live abroad, I said that probably yes, in the near future. Of course, if I could. However, when I get older and older, I will return home, return to Vietnam and live here. It is a safe and nice place to live. Above all, everything seems to be at the cheapest price here. That is true.

I could hardly close my mouth when being told about how a meal costs in France, and how he pays for accommodation there.

I love Ho Chi Minh, but he likes Hanoi. He did not tell the reasons.

Hanoi is fine. Great.

But if I had one such amount of money, I would choose to live in Da Nang or Nha Trang. Much better choice.

It is a personal opinion though.

– My Australian teacher has just been back from a vacation in Bangkok. She told us that all she wanted was coming back Vietnam, particularly Hanoi.

As, in Bangkok, everything is so modern that you may mistake it as a Western city. You can scarcely see any Thai feature there. It is a mixed city and it is so hard to find a real Thai culture in that city.

But, Hanoi, according to her, is a completely Vietnamese typical city.

Not quite, but it is true.

It is also great when you stroll through an enormous stream of travelling photos from any travelling blogs, and it immediately springs to your mind that, here Vietnam is, here Hanoi is. I can say it for sure, because I can feel it.

4. About my Hanoi

– I am bored to tears in Hanoi, but this place also offers me chances to work at best.

– Everything has pros and corns. So does Hanoi.

– My friend said that Vietnam could have been more and more common to foreigner tourists. IF, Vietnamese people were in the best of their behaviours.

I could not agree with her more.

It is evident that the Vietnamese people’s attitude contributes a big factor to “dispel” the tourists out of our country. Mostly they said that they would never come back.

There may be some causes, but, the most important one would be “Foreigners are usually cheated or overcharged”

(In fact, the Vietnamese sellers’ reason is that, it does not matter that they cheat the foreigner tourists because they seem not to visit Vietnam for another time. However, they, the sellers do not know that because of their behaviour, the tourists do not ever choose to visit Vietnam at second time. They know they are cheated and they hate that. Sigh)

My Japanese friend claimed that it was her luck to have me as her company when she was in Vietnam. Without me, she might be cheated when buying souvenirs, just because she is a foreigner. “My friend was cheated so many times when he went here few years ago”.

I dont know whether I should be happy or sad over it.

5. I wish I could go. To anywhere.

At Noibai airport. When seeing it, I did think "Where do we go from here?"

At Noibai airport. When seeing it, I did think “Where do we go from here?”

6. Another me


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