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[Chatterbox] Finally, I will get to go!


“On the move” seems to be the only thing that springs to my mind when I try to find something satisfying me unconditionally. Fortunately, I will get to go soon. I have just successfully passed all the rounds of a Global internship program that will give me a chance to go somewhere, do something great, and try to be great haha. It is just awesome after all of anxiety the last few days. I am by far in eager anticipation of the internship that will start from December and will last from 4 to 8 weeks. (I should go for 6 weeks though). There are quite lot of countries on the list that all the exchange participants can choose, and I have not made up my mind yet. Maybe somewhere in Southeast Asia, or Eastern Europe. Still thinking.

I will sit the exam next month. Then I will be free and have lots of time to do what I want. I just quitted my job and am sort of unemployed now. But I should not be much worried, because my soon-be-published new book can bring me some more money, that is not much but lovely to think about, especially when you are almost broke.

I dread to talk about money, but that is important. For what it’s worth, I should seriously care about it after the exam.

My short term plan is:

– Choose a country as a destination, considering the budget and the traveling opportunities as well. Then take part in some more interviews with the managers of projects there. It will be no big deal. I will be able to depart, anyway. (30/10)

– Try my best at the exam  (09/11)

– Get my new draft done (30/11)

– Prepare all the necessary documents and apply for visa (30/11)


Seem so. Last week, I talked with a friend who flew over miles from France to get here, because he loved a Vietnamese girl here. Then, the girl decided to cruelly ditch their relationship without any reasonable reason. That is it. It is crazy to think about it. But it is fantastic to think that his seem-to-be-wrong decision drove him here, and made him realized that he loved this city, this country. Then, he wanted to stay for long time. Who knows it will come. So just follow your heart. If plan A does not work, you still have plan B,C,… Remember, there are more than 26 letters in alphabet haha 🙂

I am just talkative, but, finally I get to go. AAAAAAAAAAAA.


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