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Vietnam Overview – An Excessive Amount of Motorbikes, Beautiful Landscapes and a Maze of Limestone Casts

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The Little Backpacker

As part of our South East Asia trip we spent two weeks exploring Vietnam. Below is a roundup of my itinerary, where we stayed and how we got around.

Currency = Vietnamese Dong
Capital City = Hanoi
Biggest Tourist Attraction = Halong Bay
Beer Drank = Saigon green or red and Hanoi
Best Food Eaten = We had some amazing food in Vietnam but the best meal has to have been pineapple and bacon fried rice in a pineapple

We travelled around Vietnam much slower than Cambodia and I have to say that because of this I enjoyed it much more. Two weeks was the perfect amount of time. 

Day One and Two
We arrived in Vietnam via the Bavet/Moc Bai border from Cambodia. Saigon has the craziest traffic I have ever seen with barely any cars on the road but hundreds of mopeds. Trying to cross the…

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