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[Chatterbox] It was just over!

* Will be moved to [Destination] where I will talk about a Hanoian tourist attraction pretty soon.

The last few days, I have shown my friends around my city, I mean, Hanoi. It is not completely my city though.

Anyways, we took a stroll, walked back and forth around the center. There were 3 of them, one from Holland, one from Scotland and one from England. The thing was that all of them, at different moments, asked me what I/ my grandparents/ my parents/ the old Vietnamese people thought about the American and the French.

We went to visit Hoa Lo prison, which was used to keep the prisoners in the war. The ambience was so tense, together with sound effect which made us almost burst into tears when seeing what the Vietnamese had to suffer because of fighting for the national independence. Hmm, that is why I don’t really like to visit the museum or whatever tourist attractions related to the war .

Oops, I forget to tell what I answered to them. Hmm, I am not sure about the others. However everyone who lives around me is so friendly and they all live towards the future, not looking back to the past. The wars were just over. We find normal and kind of hatred or discrimination absolutely does not exist here in my country. Vietnam is an open country (in a closed  way though haha. I am just joking here!!)


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