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[Chatterbox] Wonders would never cease


At first, I intended to put “So, what’s news?” as the title of this post. On second thoughts, I decided to change it into “Wonders would never cease” or “I shouldn’t wonder”

I’ve met a lot of new friends these days, who are all awesome. The first person is Ramona , who has just graduated from uni and stumbled on the road right after that. It was so great to hear her say that Hanoi has put a nice impression on her since the first day her airplane arrived here. Hope that thought can be together with her along the long road ahead.

We will meet up each other this evening, after I finished my badminton class. We would go for a drink, walking around Old Quarter which I’ve gone around for so many times but sometimes still got lost.

Two days ago, I drank beer with my friends, who come from Scotland, Holland, and England. It is funny to see the common points among those names of country, isn’t it? There is no doubt that they are so amazing and funny guys. We walked and laughed a lot. One of them flew to Bangkok for a transit back to the UK yesterday. The others have gone on a cruise in Ha Long bay and will be back today or tomorrow. We are due to meet up again, definitely! There is nothing to touch having fun with guys that you would love to talk and share experience together.

That is a couple who met and fell in love with each other in Malaysia. As said, they come from different countries. Such a “global” couple haha. The thing I found a bit surprising was that they did not share a common wallet. I mean, when we had to pay for something, they used separate money. It is a good thing because the equality is respected wherever and whenever. It is quite different from what I am used to, in which the men always pay for the women. This is a way to show the gallantry, even though the men are not better off than the women. The thing is that, the female always try to fight for being equally treated, they should take equal responsibility as the male. In this case, I am saying about sharing traveling expense.

Hmm, have I written about a French guy who flew over miles to reach here because he was soft on a Vietnamese girl who he only knew via Internet. What the heck, right? But, he doted on her, and got here. After the first month being happy, the girl ditched the relationship and he fell on misery. He was kind of emotional and vulnerable man, in all honesty. He was alway afraid that he would never find another girl who could sweep him off his feet, like what that girl did. Men, yesterday, I talked to him, and he confided in me that he just met a girl, (Vietnamese girl, of course), who was sweet and lovely. They did kiss on the second date. How fast it is!!!!! “I am sort of infatuated”, said he. What did he call “Love forever”? Ok, ok!

I am not sure about that girl. We, however don’t usually give a man a kiss on the second date. To me, it took my ex nearly 2 years to get the first kiss. Haha, Ok, I am kind of classical girl, ain’t I? Come to think of it! It did change, I mean the way people act towards each other. We are absolutely affected by what we call globalisation or that sort of things.

When I was walking around Hoan Kiem lake with Ramona and her friend, they asked me if it was normal that people kissed or showed their love and their relationship in public. I said, normally no. But yes, they were right. All the young people there were doing the things I call “normally not normal”. Ha. Wonders will never cease.

We are from a conservative country, that is why we are usually conservative. It’s just normal. I have never tried to change it or dispel it. I am open to all, but not willing to get into all.

It was just funny that these days, when I talked to a friend that I had to go to school early to play badminton, he right away thought about the fuck. Ok, men, you are from American, but it doesn’t mean that you can suppose that all the people are the same to you. I am not kind of rude who usually swear. But, frankly I would like to throw the damn words at him, just because of such thought. I realized that language difference is not a barrier, but the personal thoughts.

I should stop here, go to school, finish my last year perfectly (hopefully that haha), have a drink with Ramona and her friend before they fly towards the south.

Ha. Have a nice day! Have fun travels 🙂 (Even though you just travel inside the city, yeah, you are traveling)


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