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[Itinerary] Be ready to roll

Ảnh(me, Somewhere near Dublin Castle) (I think I posted it already)

I am not sure I will take to the road without a backward glance. But at this point, I am so happy that I will eventually hit the road soon. Here is my itinerary:

  • Da Nang (I am awarded a free guided tour as a prize from the writing contest I took part in) I have not had the fixed date yet. But I suppose soon. Maybe in November.
  • – Ho Chi Minh From Da Nang I will not fly back here but head to Ho Chi Minh city. I hope I can catch a budget flight. (Sometimes I realize that I miss Sai Gon as much as though I can burst into tears when I couldn’t recall a street where I visited)
  • – Jakarta, Indonesia. I am required to be there from 2nd December. I may spend some days in Sai Gon to visit my relatives and my friends and get lost in my favourite streets before flying to Indonesia.

Last year, I went to Bali, Indonesia and spent 4 days there, but ‘ve not been to the capital yet. So this time, I decided to go there.

Indonesian people are so lovely and friendly. I did notice that last year. But it will be extremely highlighted in my mind this year when I posted in Jakarta forum (CouchSurfing) informing that I would come in December, asking about the weather conditions and suggesting some hanging-outs if they were free. Guess what? I’ve got nearly ten messages indicating that they are welcome to me, and I can surely send them a message whenever I get there and they are so pleased to hang out together. I love them, very much.

About Indonesia, I will spend at least 6 weeks there and may fly home for Tet holiday. After that I would be on the move again. I am really into a vagabonding life.

Here is what I think I can do to feed my travels:

  • – Translator for some magazines (from English to Vietnamese and vice versa), (from French to Vietnamese and vice versa) as I have been doing.
  • – Freelance writer for some magazines, as I have been doing.

I may have to find some more jobs to do on the way. But it’s okay. Nothing to worry. I am just young enough to do whatever I want.

Come to talk of “do whatever I want”, I do think that I am quite lucky because I am not kind of famous person like Huyen Chip who is a well-known travel blogger. You may not know her. But you can have a grandstand overview at hand like this: She is a traveler, she is a blogger as well. After traveling to some country in a doubtedly limited budget, she came back and wrote a book about her journey. There would be nothing to complain if some pieces of information in her story are not true which she could never explain and tend to be aggressive when people try to confirm them. I do admire the way she got into travel. But I hate the way she exaggerated what she encountered to take money from the readers (through selling her books). I am strongly skeptical of the idea that she could travel without any support from some organizations who paid for her to travel and come back writing a book.

Thank God, I would not have to demonstrate how I have traveled. But it is also great to keep it quite secretly, just among those who are really into travel. Just because it is travel, not to show off or to be famous.

I will be off from this site from now on, until 9th November (when I am done with the exam). I am wondering whether there is anyone from Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh here who wanna meet up and chat 😀 Feel free to drop me a message. I would be so happy to get them. Really 🙂


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