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[For foreigners] When you arrive here


(Somewhere in Nha Trang)

Let’s start with:

  • Two friends of mine, who come from Germany: When they walked around Hoan Kiem Lake (in the center of Hanoi), they were stopped 3 times by some youngsters here. Who are they and Why? The answer is just simple (to me): They are Vietnamese students trying to practise speaking English with the foreigners. I agree that 3 times may be too many for Ranoma and her friend (They had to repeat the same answers each time. Because all of the students asked the same questions: What is your name?, Where are you from? What do you think about Vietnam? bla bla). They were so friendly though. They were quite surprised to know the students’ motive. They said that they had no such thing in Germany when students trying to find a change practising English themselves.


  • One of my friends, who come from England (I knew her via CS, ha, we are just one family): When we were eating ice-cream in front of the restaurant near the lake, there were some students coming and asking her “Excuse-me! Can you help me a bit?” Maria was a bit confused because she thought they were asking for direction so she said Sorry, I am not a local here. The students were supposed to not understand what Maria said, then they walked away. I did explain to Maria why the students came to ask her, and she regretted rejecting them. Yeah!

For some more quirks you may encounter when visiting my country, you can find them here.

In this quick entry, I just wanna make sure that you will not get confused when being interrupted or stopped when you are walking along the streets here. Be prepared for it. Since the students have no bad motive. As far as I know, the only thing they want is some language exchange. And that’s it. You even could ask them to show you around the city (without any fee, absolutely not, I promise :)). Again, they just wanna speaking English or French or whichever foreign languages.

For some of you who are a bit cynical, join us at CouchSurfing. This is where I can find “There is no such thing as a free lunch” invalid”, as you can find some free accommodation, some free guided tours (amateur, of course)… I’ve traveled to Can Tho and Da Nang thanks to some nice people from this website. They offered me a ride, gave me some days in their houses, spent some great time with me. It was just awesome.

I have made a lot friends via CS. They are so lovely. I took them to some tourist attractions, we had lunch or dinner together, some snacks as well. If you ask me, we share every cost. Each of us has to pay for ourselves. Simple and normal. When you come here from Europe or whatever developing countries, it does not mean that we need money from you. What I want is speaking foreign languages (In my case, they are French and English), and sharing some traveling experience. No more. Couchsurfers (like me) never ask why this girl or that boy is so nice to me, they show me around the city, they give me a lot of advice… Never! Because all the couchsurfers (I would say almost) are so helpful and hospitable. One of my friend (who helped me with my French) was even invited to spend 4 days in a female Couchsurfer’s house in Hai Phong. He said that it would be the most wonderful experience he’d had so far. If you travel around the world and always suppose that people try to take or even steal something from you when they approach you, you will be left alone in suspicion. You deserve that.

As I wrote in the previous post, I am quite lucky when receiving a lot of messages from Indonesian people in Jakarta inviting me to spend time with them when I get there. CouchSurfers are everywhere. We welcome people without anything to ask in return. Just because we love traveling and love communicating with others. I love it.

I decided to post this entry when I got up getting a new email from a friend in the US. He claimed that I kept the habit of emailing him quite often because I need money from him (In fact, I have never received any cent from him). Such a thought! I have nothing to blame on him. So just stopped doing so. I am kind of independent person who can live on my own ( even in terms of financial issue). I have never asked for money from anyone I met (except for my parents, sometimes. I have stopped it since I was a sophomore. I had my own savings from my jobs. So, I am fine!). It is quite peculiar when you keep emailing to one person (just because you consider him as a friend) and hear him say that you only need money from him. (In fact (again), did he give you any cent? No, right? Is he that rich that makes him think that you need his money? Is he sure that he is richer than you? No)

I am not quite that rich. But I always think that I’m rich because I always spend money on what I love to spend and what can bring me some experience that I will never regret doing. Plus, I am richer than him when I know that hospitality and friendliness are everywhere (thanks CS again) while he is always suspicious of people’s friendliness.

It is really offensive and hurtful being claimed that you need money from someone. Especially it is not at all true. I would not explain, but let him think what he wanna think and of course never let them affect me or even get into my life again. We used to be friends 🙂

“No need to explain. People always think what they want to think”

I would say that, when you travel or make friends with people, from your country or from the others, just try to be open. Some things fabulous would come. Wait and see 🙂


4 comments on “[For foreigners] When you arrive here

  1. zara
    Tháng Hai 24, 2014

    Is it true that theres a visa fee if we will go to laos from vietnam?

    • alittlenomad
      Tháng Hai 24, 2014

      Vietnamese people dont need a visa for Laos and other countries in SEasia for staying less than 14 – 30 days. For other nationalities, please contact the embassy 🙂

  2. There is certainly a great deal to find out about this
    topic. I love all the points you made.

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