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Have you got your own [Bucket list]?

I have been trying to create my own bucket list  so many times. I want to become a writer (I, now, realize that as long as you write, you ARE a writer, seriously), I want to feel snow over my coat, I want to get lost in Europe, I want to reach the States,… I’ve tried to get one and ended up admitting that I am more suitable to the life of playing everything by ear. Instead of having a bucket list, I write a to-do-list every day, when I get up and attempt to get everything done before hitting the hay.

(Source: Internet)

(Source: Internet)

I am aware that many of you want to get your own lists of what you wanna do before kicking the bucket. That is why I am sharing here some ideas which I’ve got from the websites. In case you are wishing to do something special but having no idea about what you should set as a goal or aim at, here is some amazing bucket lists you can check out and “steal”, making them yours.

(Why don’t you listen to this song before scrolling down to see what I show? : “Bucket list” song – Nelly Furtado)

1. Bucket List Journey

2. Make your own bucket list here and check it wherever you go.

3. 10,000 things to try ( they are divided into a lot of categories depending on your hobby, interest,…)

4. How to make your bucket list

5. Travel Destination bucket list

6. 525 + ideas for living fully (I find this amazingly specific. Everyone would certainly get something in common with the creator here  and surely pick something for their own bucket list)

7. See how a guy achieves his single goal. You could do the same 🙂

8. An interesting guy with a bucket list that everyone will be interested in

9. More ideas for yours

10. A list for living, not for bucket list  (That is exactly what I think and is absolutely the reason I quit trying to design my own bucket list. I know how important setting a goal is, I know how much it will motivate us. But  I also know that the feeling of not having it or not being able to do it makes us sad or even stuck in depression. Instead, I want to make a list for each day, each month, each year with specific and detailed steps leading me to the targets)

(Source: Internet)

(Source: Internet)

I am not claiming that it’s bad or useless to possess your own list of what you are aching for. I just leave the life that I am trying to enjoy each day leads me to where my heart dreams of. “You may not know which route to go, but you certainly know where you heart wants to reach”. I want to live fully, that is the only thing in my so-called bucket list.

Today, I’d like to:

– create some bright ideas about what I’ll write for the next days.

– read a bit about marketing and advertising that I am keen on and wanna pursuit professionally.

This month, I’d like to:

– see the covers of my two forthcoming books which compile my previous pieces of writing.

– work out when AIESEC is ready to give me EPAN (exchange participant acceptance note)

– take the result of IELTs exam (which will be available next Friday) and prepare to re-take the exam if it is against all expectations

– open a visa card that allows me to receive money from Vietnam when I am abroad.

– draw the map of where I’ll go before I head to Malaysia for internship. I was happy that I would not go to Indonesia where I was chosen to do some volunteer work because (through AIESEC network) I also received a job offer (with salary, thank God!) from a Malaysian company (which specializes on organizing events for the region). My contract will last one year and yeah, I am so excited and eager to go there. My manager suggests that I should start working from February (after Tet holiday – Lunar New Year). Since if I started from the beginning of January, I’d have to come back to my country to celebrate Lunar New Year then go to Malaysia again that would definitely cost dearly. To my mind, I’d go for that suggestion.


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