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Sometimes, stopping is JUST harder than keep going!



I could not do much these days. I have been just frustrated over my upcoming internship in Malaysia. At first, I have no such a thing called anxiety in my mind since I thought it is AIESEC, an internship global platform that is absolutely trustworthy and professional. Up to now, however, I have to change my mind. AIESEC members in Malaysia have not done much to help me except for sending me a file listing the documents that I have to submit without no deadline. I sent back an email asking for clarification of vaccination certification beside medical paper that they require me both. It is such a difficulty because as almost other Vietnamese citizen, I got all of necessary shots when I was a child so it is really hard to ask the authority to issue a certification for it.

I contacted the person in charge of event company which I’ll work for, he said that I would be expected to start working on 10th Feb, therefore I’ve booked a flight that will launch me in Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon of 8th Feb. I then asked AIESEC members to guide me how to reach the train station where they will wait for me before taking me to my accommodation. Yet I haven’t known where I will stay, they give me no information on it. They just said, you shouldn’t book a flight, “you are too far ahead”. Men, it is gonna be time of Tet (Lunar New Year holiday) here that will push up all prices, I’d love to book a flight in advance that also should affirm me to be ready for work in time. They’ve sent me nothing. They’ve done nothing to guide me.

I am regretting. Yes, I am regretting applying and being chosen for this program, even though it was such a long way to get one slot. I had to go through one round of application form, two rounds of interview and one round of group discussion. After that, I’d to be interviewed by the person in charge of event company in Malaysia. Then, THIS!!!

What should I be stuck with this phase?

(I am Gemini, source: Tumbr)

(I am Gemini, source: Tumbr)

Every thing is just messed up. One friend of mine asked why I should go when they’d treated me so badly, so what kind of attitude they would have towards me when I were in their countries without any relatives or anyone to rely on. I did believe that AIESEC members are always willing to give EP (Exchange Participant, like me) a helpful hand. They should, but they are not.

I am regretting, sorry if I am just repeating like a robot. Simply because I DO regret. I should not go to Malaysia, but I will go nonetheless. Sometimes, stopping is just harder than continuing. In my case, it can be explained because of those things:

– I’ve spent more than one month doing nothing but waiting at home (since the early November). By 8th Feb, I will have been doing nothing in nearly 3 months. Is it me? Definitely. I pay that much for this opportunity that is promised by AIESEC to be a valuabled experience. Is it? I am not sure!

– I’ve submitted the participant fee which accumulates to 150 USD so far for this program of AIESEC. I pay that much to receive no much help from them.

– I’ve turned down quite few job offers for this chance. Since every employer expects from their employees the commitment of working for at least 6 months, you know, I have to say “no, thanks”. I am kind of unemployed for it. Then, THIS!

I am still waiting to hear a positive response from them. I would love to get back my trust on AIESEC that gradually gets out of me. Please, please come back!!!!



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