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I am not a writer. I am just the person who is addicted to travels and has passion for capturing every single piece of traveling memories in words

What you don’t know about yourself!

It’s pretty cold today. The Weather app in my phone has been stuck with this line “Showers currently. It’s  15°C, the high today was 17°C” for the whole day. I felt like frozen while driving a motorbike to my grandparents’ house. It is not the coldest temperature recorded here, though. It was much more colder last year which was about 7°C. If the weather stands at that bad level (lower than 9 °C, give or take), students would be allowed to stay at home.

It’s always terrible for me to go out in a wintry night. I used to scream and moan that I would never be able to bear that low temperature. But I could nonetheless. Definitely. When I was in Cork, it was even minus 2 degree celsius. At that time, my phone warned me that it was such a dangerous weather condition that I should stay indoor rather than going out. I could go, travel and wander, though. I could sustain that cold that is what I have never thought I am able to.



In the past, I had never imagined that I could have my articles published but I did, a lot, not to mention publishing my books. I have not been able to say that I could write books for a living. However, it has been enough to buy me basic amenities so far. I am much obliged for that.

In the past, I had never pictured me hopping in airplanes and traveling abroad. But I did, quite a lot. Opportunities have come to me as surprising gifts in which I don’t put much trust in myself.



In the past, I had thought that my life would follow the path of others: graduating, getting a job, staying in Vietnam and getting married. But I am now finding myself waiting for my abroad internship and potential chances that await me ahead. It’s gonna be a long way to the point when I’ll get married since I think I have too many things to cross out in bucket list before being ready to take responsibility to another one (or even others).



Sometimes, it is not someone else but you who despise or look down on yourself just by the way you set some limits for yourself in which you think that you could never reach that point or never succeed on that field. The thing is that if you are bound and determined to break the limits: travel young, write a book, learn a foreign language,… you could achieve all of them. Believe in me! It is just likely since we couldn’t get to the bottom of every situation. Limits are set to be broken. Remember it and DO it!


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