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[My 500 words: the1st day] The positive aspect of being a hedonist

I am in the middle of politely asking myself to join My 500 words  in which we promise ourselves to write at least 500 words every single day of January. I have been a member of this group on FB group . I have been reading a lot of inspiring posts given by other writers from more than 1000 writers but have not really written something.  I am not sort of persons who are mentioned here:

“There’s nothing mystical or magical about it — you just have to show up and commit to doing the work. Place butt in chair, fingers on keys, and start typing.

And this, of course, is where most writers fail. They never actually write a word. They talk about writing, think about writing, even read about writing.

But they do not write”

(Jeff Goins)

(Source: Internet)

(Source: Internet)

I write everyday. In Vietnamese. Recently, while I was progressing my first quite long novel (which was finished with approximately 48.000 words), I wrote day by day. Guess what? I got it done in 6 days only. The novel consists 12 chapters, I was scheduled to write one chapter each day. However, when I started to write, it seemed that I was led by the characters and the plot. Then I wrote two chapters every single day that account for about 8000 words. I wrote without rest and ended up accomplishing it by a damn headache. I am excited, though, that I eventually could jotting something down, I mean something that BIG and LONG. I have been writing short stories for a while and have got kind of a few fans for that type but it appeared to me that it was time to change, to knock another door and explore another world that I had never been but actually had been into. It was never ever easy. Even worse, I don’t know about how others judge or think about my work. Nevertheless, I got it done. It’s the most satisfying part of writing that you can express yourself in the way you would like it to be, and that you could communicate with your own characters and have them tell you their stories. No matter what that novel could drive me to, I am pleased myself now.

(Source: Internet)

(Source: Internet)

However, all of the above things are true when I work with my mother tongue. It just has never worked when I try to getting thoughts out of my mind and put them down in papers (Ok, now most of us write on our laptop, PC. Whatever!). It just doesn’t work. 500 words seems to be little for me in Vietnamese but 500 words of English is nothing more than a big goal to achieve. I am not that bad in English. I had good command of English in terms of listening and reading. But when it comes to writing, ok, you’ve got me there. How could it be that hard?


This morning, I woke up being told that the neighbor’s dog did scratch and tear my pair of shoes in shreds. Just one piece of the pair. Was I going into ecstasies about that fact? Not at all, unless I can put on my shoe, not my shoes. Since I have to buy global travel insurance for the entire year of 2014 which is supposed to be not less than 450 USD, since I have to save money to feed myself in the first month in Malaysia which is supposed to be not less than 700 USD, I almost burst into tear when hearing that I shall have to buy a new pair of shoes. Not to mention that it has been the most favorite of mine, brand New Balance with two perfectly matched colours: blue and yellow, especially my wardrobe is full of clothes of these two lovely colours.

I did lie crying in bed for a while until I realized that I wanted to and I could write something about this. In English, yup. Why shouldn’t have a field day?

(Source: Internet)

(Source: Internet)

Certainly writing will not bring me another pair of shoes but silence and calmness (in order to seek for right words. Poor me!) makes me think whether I could do something about it. Then, I recalled I had a very beautiful pair of boots of black leather that I rarely do up. Why not try it this time? Next, I have been used to match black blue and yellow shoes with clothes of the same colours. All the time. Why not try the others? How about black boots with a blue dress or a yellow skirt? (by the way, I have not yet had a yellow skirt) Does it seem to be a fashionable disaster? Does it?


No matter what are in my mind, I could never change the fact that my shoes were badly torn out. (I even dare to look at it once only after that dog took it as his breakfast). It’s always no use crying over spilled milk. The same situation when we could never choose or change what happen to us. What we could change is the way we react to them. Instead of being frustrated and drown in tears, I got up and tried to fill my Sunday morning with the joy of writing or at least, having something to jot down.

(Source: Internet)

(Source: Internet)


So, here goes, you guys!

We are not meant to be published authors. We are meant to be writers simply because we write.


Ok, sounds cool! Has it been 500 words? Not yet! Even though I have just free written so far? Without any editing and cutting the unnecessary parts? Oh man! I gotta back to bed and dream of another shoes anyways!!! Gruuuuuuuu!

(Source: Internet)

(Source: Internet)


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