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[Journey to M’sia] Time to fly


I have been off from this blog for a while, been fucking frustrated by what happened to me. I had to cancel my internship, closed my eyes in order not to have to see my time pass uselessly. I would go though, and the airplane will take off this Saturday morning. I got almost everything packed (clothes, medicine, electricity plug, Vietnamese specialities for new friends,…). But something is not really good in me.

Actually, I am a bit scared since this would be the longest trip and also the most risky trip I have done. Why?

1. I travel with one way ticket only.

You may not be able to get the point here, but after searching around, I found that a lot of Vietnamese travelers have been rejected to check in or even when they get the boarding pass, they can not hop on the airplane, or even worse, they could fly but then would be rejected to get inside the country at the destination. It’s just because they travel with one way ticket only.

This problem does not happen to travelers from the developed countries but it does happen to most of us, Vietnamese ones. All the authorities are afraid that we go and would never come back. That’s why they somehow don’t care that perhaps we fly away but will be back by road.

Some said that I’ve traveled to South of Korea, Ireland and some other countries so it makes being allowed to Malaysia less of an issue. But I don’t want to take risk, I don’t want to be rejected in front of the immigration desk. That’s why I booked an upper bed on train from KL to Hai Yat (Thailand) at the beginning of March, so that I will have proof showing that I would not be in Malaysia for more than 30 days.

Oh I almost forgot to say that Vietnamese passport holders don’t have to get a visa to travel to Malaysia for less than 30 days. We should be happy with that, except for the fucking annoying thing that they ask us to show off the return ticket. I desperately hope that I can go inside but not rejected at the destination.

(From Internet)

(From Internet)

2. I have not had a fixed plan yet

As said in the last post, I would go to Malaysia not for internship anymore. I would go because I booked my flight already and that I have waited for it for long. So, here goes, without any detailed plan.

Since I bought a train ticket to Thailand so I would go there, after nearly 3 weeks mooching around Malaysia. After that, I plan to find the way to Myanmar and then back to Laos. That’s the end of what I could think. After Laos, I don’t know yet. I try to think that it would be a life of adventure in which I don’t know what is awaiting me, but it still scares me a bit.

But, some one once said that when you feel like your life is useless, either you attempt suicide or you get to travel. I am such a coward that I could never kill myself, so yeah I am traveling pretty soon.

I contacted some Malaysian friends to get advice, to ask for a free couch. I will be fine staying with them not having to pay anything. Meanwhile, I could find something interesting to indulge myself, to find a working space to write on the road (I still have to make money constantly if I don’t want to die of famine)… Everything seems good.

(From Internet)

(From Internet)

3. Time to fly anyways

Whenever I talk to somebody about my life, they always claim that they wished to be me, they wished that they could go. Okay, traveling is good, but it is as simple as good. Why could not they drop off everything to hit the road? They are too scared and have fear of everything that they don’t know before. For me, that is the most awesome part of traveling, every single thing would be a tiny surprise.

So far, the fear of not being allowed to the country is the most concern to me. I am expecting for the best.

About my life during the time I have not blogged anything, here are some lovely updates:

  • My book: “Yeu nhu mot cai cay” (Love like a tree) has been on the top of Tiki (the leading book selling website of Vietnam) and today records the first day it reaches the first place. Yessssss, it is. Vietnamese readers, please have a look at it here
(From Internet)

(From Internet)

  • My coming books: I’ve signed the more two contracts that would make my two other books published later this year. I am so happy with it even though none of them brings me any penny (including “Love like a tree”), since they set the rule in which the authors would only be paid 2 months after publishing date.
  • My Tet holiday: It was boring, indeed. I feel like it has nothing different from the normal days except for the fact that I can still receive lucky money (lixi) though I am almost 23 years old now. Tet is the biggest holiday for Vietnamese people anyways. Happy that all the members in my family could sit to each other, tell the stories or just watch the TV shows together.
  • My MasterCard: Finally, I could have one although I have to work harder and harder to have money inside to pay everywhere. But it does mean that I could travel without worrying much about how the money could reach me while I am not in Vietnam.
  • My freelance job: I will keep most of them as a great way to feed myself physically and mentally.

Just a quick update. I hope that I could write another post this weekend which means that I am enjoying myself in Kuala Lumpur. God blesses me! Love you all! Stay tuned!


7 comments on “[Journey to M’sia] Time to fly

  1. Fei xD~
    Tháng Hai 6, 2014

    Wow been a while since I visit here and it’s that time already. Enjoy malaysia, its a nice place!

    • alittlenomad
      Tháng Hai 6, 2014

      Well it is definitely a while since the last time I blogged. Thanks so much!!! Anyways, my friend of mine who is from Bandung said that there would be a Global Peace Camp on the 22-23rd of Feb and it seems that everyone could join for free, have you heard of that? And how are you these days? 😀

      • Fei xD~
        Tháng Hai 6, 2014

        Hahaha never heard of it but a simple googling proves that I’m too old for it T_T *maximum age limit 25, I’m 26 already @_@*. Will you participate?

        Me? I just continue my work-traveling life hahaha.

        Btw I just came back from Melaka a week ago! It’s a nice laid back place with a lot of kind couch surfer! You should go check it out since it’s just 2 hours bus drive from KL. Will continue backpacking in May-June since I got an extremely cheap ticket to JAPAN! (260$ RETURN TRIP, CAN YOU IMAGINE?).

      • alittlenomad
        Tháng Hai 6, 2014

        How awesome!!!! Please bring me along with you 😦

      • Fei xD~
        Tháng Hai 6, 2014

        Hahaha impossible Cay unless you are going from Indonesia ;). The thing is there is a new Air Asia flight from Indonesia to Nagoya and they are promoting it heavily! So they cut out the price a lot. When I saw that.. price tag.. I just couldn’t resist hahaha. It’s even cheaper than Indonesia-Vietnam (at about 330$)

      • alittlenomad
        Tháng Hai 6, 2014

        really, where can you get that? Is it easy to get a visa ?

      • Fei xD~
        Tháng Hai 7, 2014

        Well.. I browse ticket price A LOT Cay. If people opens up Facebook during free time I opens up airlines waiting for discount and if you have enough patience you can get a lot of great deal. From Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore there are three very cheap airlines that always comes up with various promotion which is Air Asia, Tiger Air and Jet Star. Air Asia is having a promotion right now Indonesia-Thailand for about 55$ return (usually about 200$). It is fairly easy to get cheap Indonesia-Singapore and Indonesia-Malaysia ticket for about 50-70$ and sometimes if you are lucky enough they will held a promotion to Japan, China etc.

        Tourist Visa is pretty much easy from what I heard (usually. except to europe and america). The only difficulty is that you need to have 100$ in your bank account per day you stay in Japan. So for my 13 days trip I need to show them that I have 1300$ in my Bank Account. I haven’t applied for visa yet so I don’t know wish me luck @_@.

        If you live in Malaysia you should go check all that airlines out!

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