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[Life] How to deal with people who hate you?

[Life] How to deal with people who hate you?

I once faced this question in ASK.FM. I desperately wish that I dont know them, not at all. However, frankly speaking, they always try to come find me. Awwww. And here is the way I deal with them.

– Most of you guys here don’t read my books. That’s a good point, because after reading what I write, you may not be here anymore. Quite sad, you know. Especially when you log in a book selling website and some negative reviews appear in front of your eyes. You couldn’t hide.

For me, I don’t run away. I pretend that I don’t give them a damn but I actually do care about them. I read and found out that they were not commenting from the angle of a well-read reader. It seems that they hate me before they really pick my book up and give it a try. Furthermore, I am aware that even my author idol (Elizabeth Gilbert, “Eat, Pray, Love”) also has received a lot of bad reviews. Sydney Sheldon is a great writer of the century, right? But at his own time, everyone criticized his writings for the sake of nothing. The thing he did was only carrying on with his job, no matter what others think. He was successful, no one can deny it.

Of course, I am not that great. But those are two examples I take to inspire myself after being dumped by people who don’t know me only trying to hurt me.

As an unprofessional writer, my aim is only to write what I think, what I experience and hope that someone can feel it. That’s so.

– Once, in ASK.FM, there was a girl sending me this thing:
“Among the story writers of HHT, you have nothing special. Your stories are boring and I could hardly finish one. I know you are reading this question, but you will never reply it. Because you get angry and your pride is hurt. Oh, I hate you. I hate your stories. Get away!”

I almost cried when reading it. Honestly. I cried because I didn’t know that my stories can make one person become like this. However, I have never let her affect my mood of writing. Since as far as I am concerned, if she really cares about the magazine and the story section, and well, if she is good enough, she could have given me a detailed or specific comment on “Which story she read and was not satisfied?”, “Why is it boring”…. She didnt read any of them, as I guess. She only tried to hurt me, that, I have to say, she failed in. So, never mind. We should feel pity for people who are always jealous of what others can do.

– When I was in Ireland, I usually updated my Facebook so that my family can know that I was doing well there. But there was one girl (Awwww, why are most of the jealous people girls? Aawwwwww), she sent me message and said like “You only go there for short time but you keep posting pictures and pictures. You think it could be something to be proud of, huh?”

I was shocked. Totally shocked. What kind of person is she? At that time, I was on the bus from Dublin to be back to Cork, I bursted into tears. I did not know why she hated me for nothing. I posted a status on facebook “I told my sister not to cry in somewhere that is not home. But now I am crying here”. A lot of people are coming in to support me, to level me up. After a while, I feel good again. Why do I need to care about her when a lot of good people are surrounding me and really caring about me?

I am not writing this thing to explain for any bad things I have encountered in my life. I am writing this trying to sympathize for myself. But, you can never satisfy everyone. So in your life, just do what you like and satisfy yourself first, then your loved ones. This is what I summarized after days of depression caused by the stupid messages.

I don’t know how you feel. But before stopping, I would like to give you this quote as a gift:
“Don’t judge people until you walk a mile in their shoes”

Finally, I would be grateful that you are here with me, for nothing I have brought to you.


4 comments on “[Life] How to deal with people who hate you?

  1. chimomworld
    Tháng Sáu 16, 2014

    Hi, I did read the whole post and just want to give you an English idiom : the beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂
    Btw, I am not interested in HHT anymore so that I don’t know how your stories are and your books as well. However, I enjoy your posts here, especially travel posts. Have a nice day!

  2. My Hanh
    Tháng Sáu 27, 2014

    “How to cope with life: It’s not treating people exactly the same way they treat you, it’s surrounding yourself with constant reminders like this: work hard, do not give a fuck about what people think, but be kind to them anyway, without expecting in return. Kill them with your kidness”
    So don’t worry, be happy ! 🙂

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