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[M’sia] How my life has become after few months “living” in the country

This morning, one of my friend tagged me on a post about an article titled “If I were 22, travel and see how other people live” . For those who already followed me on this blog and for those who have stumbled randomly on this blog, I know for sure that you all ache for travels, fall all over yourself to experience new things, give your eyeteeth for new places that you have never been to or even have never heard of.

“I want to travel the world”

Do you find it so familiar that we can hear anywhere, from anyone that we ever meet? Right, because that is the wish always lingering in the periphery of our mind day by day. We just don’t do it. Why?

Let me tell you some answers I get from my friends, my relatives,…

– I have to work. We are supposed to work about 30 – 40 years until retirement. We usually think that after years dying of working, we can eventually have time for traveling. But at that time, will you be still strong and healthy enough to climb the Mt. Kinabalu (The highest peak of SE Asia), will you be still strong enough to mooch around Paris to see how the light and fashion city can make unforgettable impression on millions of people? Hmmm…

Two weeks ago, I flew to Kota Kinabalu to attend a Catholic wedding party. The bride’s family flew from Manila. I had chance to chit chat with one married couple who are both retired bankers from state bank and private bank in Philippines. They are much older than my parents, you know, but they even took selfie in front of Shangri-la resort where we spent time for the party. They told me that their daughter worked for a stock trading company based in Europe so after she moved back to Malaysia, her working timetable lasts from 2 PM to 11 PM (GMT+8:00). Before that, she worked in Dublin. It piqued my interest immediately because as you may know, I went there last year and fell in love with idyllic Ireland. While their daughter was there, they got chance to visit her and cover the whole Europe as tourists. How amazing it was to hear people talk about their traveling experience? Finally, we had to say good bye. The auntie only told us “My daughter told me to smile as much as I could when I still have teeth (Well, we all laugh). Then I told her and ourself that we should travel as much as we could when we still can walk”. Isn’t it true? 🙂



(My “attachment” when I flew to Malaysia)

– You don’t have money. So you think I have? Ohhhhhh. I have been working as a freelance writer since I was 21 but when you earn in VND and all the expense is paid in RM/ Peso/ BND/ USD/… you will certainly want to cry! Hmm, I was just kidding. The fact is that I gradually get used to the currency here that I even think that one meal of 10 RM is cheap. (In Vietnam, my lunch or dinner usually costs about 4 RM/ roughly about 1,5 USD).

Last month, I was in Brunei reading a magazine about one girl traveling the world and spending only 600 BND for her 3 months in Europe. She used couchsurfing, asked for a lift,… She told the journalist that “Magic only happens when you put your thumbs up”. Perfect huh?

Problem is that 600 BND is still much for me, a Vietnamese money-saver. However, we can still do it, like how I have been doing. Start saving from now, work hard, put aside some savings dedicated for adventure,… You can make it!

For now, I am working as an editor, a translator and a writer. For those who care, you can update my book publishing schedule in my Vietnamese blog: here. For those who have been with me since I got in a lot of trouble trying to do internship through AIESEC, I have good news for you: All the notes I kept about that period of time will be collected and published together in a book in one or two months. Awesome!!!! I hope that you, Vietnamese friends, can get something from it? Beside that, I will have another book called “Travel Journalist” which supplies some basic information and experience for those who want to follow this path. Will update about it when I have more details.

– You don’t have time. If you want to do something, you will have time for it. If you don’t have time for it, it means that you don’t want it. Simply. 🙂 That’s also the reason I choose to live as an independent location writer so that I could work from everywhere, even when enjoying the beach wind or the breathtaking landscape in the mountains.

Travel has fundamentally changed me a lot. As you can see, the title of this post is about my life, but it turned out that I wrote about the other things. Awwww, but it’s time for me to finish the work as an editor. So yeah, stay tuned. Will update more soon.

Have great experience no matter where you are and where you are heading to.


One comment on “[M’sia] How my life has become after few months “living” in the country

  1. My Hanh
    Tháng Sáu 27, 2014

    Great 🙂

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