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I am not a writer. I am just the person who is addicted to travels and has passion for capturing every single piece of traveling memories in words

[Back in Vietnam] What’s new?

6fef24190a2c1b5345621adccdf5d2f7 I am back in Vietnam and having been busy with a new job in Hanoi. Another book of mine (The pratical guide for those who want to become Travel Journalists) has been published. I, however, don’t really have time for it. 

The job title is quite new but the job description and what I really do every working day are almost the same. I am craving for something new and am planning for something really intriguing what will get me in next few weeks.

That “something” is Freelance Travel Writing Project. Anyone wants to get involved and be a companion with me? 😀

Promise to update soon. But we would have a study and holiday trip to Hue by the company next week. Expecting to have some stories to share. 

How are you guys?

By the way, we are organizing the Debate Tournament 2014 for the Vietnamese youth (18-25 years old). Check it out here: Giai dau Tranh bien 

Here is Van phong Ca tinh which is the Office Style Photo Contest that you also may like to see.

Awww. I am in the busyness of doing nothing. Well, see ya.


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