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All the start up ideas are taken

What have you been up to these days?
I have been busy with content-writing and media stuff, working as a PR executive. Even worse, I have not managed to have any time for Freelance Travel Writing Project that I created long ago.

Old idea
However, you can still visit the page to get more interested in becoming a freelance travel writer. For beloved Vietnamese readers, I highly suggest you find my latest book “Travel Journalist” (Phong vien lu hanh) published by Tre Publishing House that consists of:
– my experience of how I got into the path.
– my experience of working as a freelance journalist.
– my own tips for you to find opportunities and sponsorship to live a traveling dream and a youthful dream full of wanderlust.
– my own experience of living in a foreign country.


Please note that I am looking for those who are willing to collaborate with me in this project. For more information, please feel free to contact me. Hope that we can work out something great, not for monetary benefits but for our common passion for travels.

New idea
This morning, while sitting in the office, I read a marketing email about the program that can be a sponsor for projects of young people. At that time, I was screening through a bunch of CV sending to our HR mail address applying for the position “Collaborator to support the events”. About 90% of CVs we received are of a bad appearance. Suddenly, I came up with the idea: why don’t we set up a group that can offer job seekers well-designed CVs which could be suitable for each of major/ field. The job could be done fastinastingly by Photoshop or Illustrator,… We can collect much money from it… Wow, we were amazed by what we were thinking and imagining of… I mean, me and my colleagues – the ones shared the interest of this idea with me.

But soon, we realized that on the Internet, there are a lot of websites and platforms supplying this services. The problem is that they are doing so welllllll.
Awwww. Why were all the ideas taken?

My travel article about Sarawak, Malaysia in Vietnamese teenager newspaper

My travel article about Sarawak, Malaysia was published in Vietnamese teenager newspaper

How to generate creative ideas?
I am a story teller/ story writer and as you may know, a story teller needs to be a good machine that keeps producing ideas. “Busyness” could somehow block my imagination and creativity. However, as a person consistently keen on writing, I need to keep myself inspired all the times. Here are what I do to achieve that goal:
Read: The more you read, the more you learn. Those days, I have been reading the books by a Chinese female author named An Ni Bao Bei.
Learn: You can find joy and also inspiration in what you are learning. I have tried to spend time learning Chinese. The way I can explain the words that are established by two or more other words makes me feel better and better.
Talk to other people. Everyone has their own stories to tell. Explore that “dreamland” and you will never be short of ideas.
Daydream. This is what I usually do. I dream of quitting my job again and again. I dream of meandering around the strange cities or enjoying a leisurely stroll in the Europe sunshine…

But after all, it is time to focus back on work. The project is gonna end soon. We need to make the best out of it. Chiakiiiiii!

P/s: I wish to have more time to just sit down and write under the blue sky 😦


2 comments on “All the start up ideas are taken

  1. Fei xD~
    Tháng Mười 27, 2014

    Was that kuching on the pic? Wow! Brings back memories :D.

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