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Why are you ripped off?

(Children are helping their mothers to take seeds from "Tam giac mach" flowers.

(Children are helping their mothers to take seeds from “Tam giac mach” flowers)

This is the picture I took during the trip to Ha Giang, the mountainous province up north of Vietnam. And I’m sorry again that it may not relate to the topic I am sharing with you in this blog post.

Why are you ripped off?

The thing is many Vietnamese sellers/ businessmen think that you guys (foreign tourists) come visit Vietnam for one time only, that’s why they increase the price. Because they suppose, no matter how cheap/ expensive the price is, you would not come here for second time. They have no idea that the world is smaller now and traveling from The States or Europe to Vietnam is just like in less than no time, people can surely come to the country again and again if it’s really worth visiting (Nice people, beautiful landscape, friendly atmosphere…)

They just don’t know it. So their business mindset would be “trying to get as much money as possible when “doing business” with foreigners”. Quite sad. But hopefully, with the better education and communication to persuade people to make Vietnam a great place to visit, those people may change their mind and the foreigners could come happily without worrying about being overcharged!


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