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[Saigon] Great experiences are awaiting for me!

The outcome when I work as an amateur designer

The outcome when I work as an amateur designer

Good morning Saigon,

Good morning everyone,

It’s such a surprise that I have been in Saigon for one week and will be there for pretty long. Last week, I quit my job and intended to have a long relaxing October with my boyfriend’s visit from abroad. In all sudden, I saw a job ad about recruiting assistant to a Japanese director. I thought it was a cool idea because that is a start up and you know, with a start up, you can learn a lot of things.

Me and my boss (not yet at that time), we skyped that late evening and felt like we would surely get along and collaborate well with each other. That was Saturday night and Sunday morning, she bought the flight ticket for me to come over to Saigon and to go back to Hanoi after the first week (just for my personal errands :D)

I started working right after I “landed” in the office which is also my boss’s house. (Remember, it’s a start up). The team members are great, with a lot of experience to share to the little girl like me. In order to help me to save some money, my boss allows me to stay in one room of her apartment which is in Saigon Pearl – kinda luxurious place in Binh Thanh district. I love the view from our floor and love the neighborhood. Together with the fact that we speak English most of the time, the landscapes, the facilities… make me feel like I am living abroad.

Everything came as a surprise that I couldnt predict or expect in advance. However, I am sure that as long as you try your best, you will get the best. My boss is really nice and kind to me, so I want to contribute to her company as much as I can. It’s extremely important to have someone, either your boss or your colleagues, to inspire you to do better, and become better. I am lucky that I am surrounded by great aspiring people like my boss and my colleagues.

I have learnt quite new things these days about HR, Communication, Design… I am happy that I dared to take risk to come here and join the project. Almost everybody I have met here said that I am a brave girl. Because I could leave my hometown, get out of my comfort zone to seek for new experiences. Yea, I know. Sometimes, I admire myself  somehow. (LOL!). Anyways, is it so great to go out and get to know more and more? 🙂

It’s time to pack for my comeback to Hanoi for few days! Stay tuned. I will be back with It’s okay. That’s Vietnam soon! Any comment?


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