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Some people are too suspicious

(From Internet)

(From Internet)

GJD, the company for which I am working as Freelance Marketing Specialist is established as an ultimate bridge between freelancers and companies in Southeast Asia region. Two months ago, we were dealing with some clients who would like to run design competitions with us as the third-party. Since GJD is a Startup company in which every person counts and every single job of MKT side is all to my responsibility, I had to send out invitation emails to freelancers whose contacts were stored in our database.

It was just obvious that they may be interested in some new opportunities because their contacts were collected through one forum thread where freelancers leave their email addresses to receive daily opportunities. Three days later, we found out that some freelancers that received our emails did not only ignore our sharing information but also wrote in the forum as if we were cheating on them.

For what? Because we were spreading out the opportunities that might interest them?

Soon after that, I got to know the reason explaining their reaction. Simply because GJD is a small company and they might suppose “they are big”, “it is okay for them to “chase” opportunities but it is not normal at all for opportunities to knock their doors”.

Well, I am fine! I do hope that I can fully understand what was going on there!


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