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Vietnamese people are biased towards foreigners

(From Internet)

(From Internet)

– Ly Nha Ky, former ambassador of Vietnam tourism, spoke poor English on an interview in Africa and ended up receiving a ton of harsh criticism from online citizens. (Even though all she was trying to do is to promote Vietnam tourism and to represent an open-minded and friendly image of Vietnamese people)

– Foreign actors/ actress/ music bands/…. spoke few simple words in Vietnamese (Xin chao cac ban, Rat vui duoc gap cac ban, Cam on) during their trips to Vietnam. Just it could start an extreme excitement among young people. How nice they are when they try to speak Vietnamese – supposed they.

For some Vietnamese people, foreigners’ ability to speak few Vietnamese is a big achievement but Vietnamese’s unability to speak good English is a shame. Why are some of us just so biased?


2 comments on “Vietnamese people are biased towards foreigners

  1. jasmine
    Tháng Mười Hai 12, 2014

    I think you’re just too easy on the image that Ms. Ly Nha Ky represented. She, as an ambassador, should and must be at least able to handle a daily conversation with a native speaker. What she showed doesn’t give us a hope that she can do that. What would she be able to sell when she has to struggle that much just to speak a few simple words?

    On the other hand, foreign actors aren’t supposed to say anything in a language other than their mother tongues. Hence it’s understandable that their effort to speak some words in Vietnamese is much hailed. Or maybe those young people in your implication would give it up to any word that their idol might speak. I will.

    • alittlenomad
      Tháng Mười Hai 12, 2014

      Hi 😀 I agree that her English is just bad and well, so irritating. What I appreciate is her effort and confidence to speak up. There must be also someone’s responsibility for promoting her as an ambassador without considering much about her foreign language ability.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion, Jasmine!

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