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Freelance Travel Writing Project


After publishing the guide book for those who want to pursue the career path of travel journalist (in Vietnamese), it sprang up to my mind that: why don’t I set up a group/ tribe consisting of young people who want to learn more about freelance writing and those are heading to become travel journalists or even just travel writers.

I am still on my way thinking how it would operate and what I could give to you guys as tips, experience,…

While waiting for me, you can have some good reading that I am pleased to encounter while browsing the Internet.

1. How I got started in freelance travel writing

2. The freelance travel writer lifestyle

3. What I love about being a travel writer

4. 6 Tips to break into Travel Writing

5. Five expert tips for getting started in travel writing

6. Get paid to travel

7. How to become a travel writer

8. Tips to become travel writer offered by Nomadic Matt

If you have any idea about this sharing project, dont hesitate to drop me a message!!!!! Looking forward to your collaboration!


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