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No-winner competition

Skip Pho Hung! Try this instead! :D

Skip Pho Hung! Try this instead! 😀

Pho Hung is a kinda famous Vietnamese noodle franchise. For months, the restaurant chain has run the competition in which:

– everyone is invited to take part in by committing to eat up one big bowl of pho

– if yes, they can eat up every thing, they will be awarded 1.000.000 VND.

– if not, they will be subjected to pay 200.000 VND.

Few weeks ago, my colleague was interested in registering in this competition but luckily he did not manage to do so. Last week, Pho Hung noodle eating competition was the center of almost magazines, newspapers in Vietnam because the chef of the restaurant raised up her voice to accuse Pho Hung of cheating on the competition.

The bowl of noodle that Pho Hung offers to participants is not the same as what they normally serve customers and not the same as what they are proud of. It’s just what they create with damn bad recipe to prevent participants from eating up all. (Too much fat put in to ruin participants’ appetite for eating for example).

That was just sad. The media has not come up with the final conclusion of the investigation on Pho Hung case. However, this may sadden some people who have always trusted in this franchise.




2 comments on “No-winner competition

  1. dolltv
    Tháng Hai 21, 2017

    I did it today and won. They didn’t use the US beef, which is good and not fatty, but everyone at the restaurant was excited for me.

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