A Little Nomad's Traveling Diary

I am not a writer. I am just the person who is addicted to travels and has passion for capturing every single piece of traveling memories in words

Traveling in Vietnam

(Vietnam Flag, Internet)

(Vietnam Flag, Internet)

1. Hoi An (Hội An)

2. Temple of Literature, Hanoi

3. Mid Autumn Festival

4. July in Hanoi

5. Nha Trang

6. War Remnant Museum, Ho Chi Minh city

7. Difference between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city

8. Da Nang (Đà Nẵng)

9. Can Tho (Cần Thơ) (Mekong Delta)

10. Ca Mau (Cà Mau) 

11. Bac Ninh (Bắc Ninh)

12. For the foreigners

13. Vincom Royal City (Hanoi)

14. Home Cofffe Shop (Hanoi)

15. To Tich street (Hanoi)

16. Street Drink (Hà Nội)

17. Milky beer (Hanoi)

18. Dong Xuan Night Market (Hanoi)

19. For the foreigners (No.2)

20. Sapa

21. Ha Giang

22. Insight into Vietnam and Vietnamese

23. Avoid Monday while traveling in Hanoi

24. To-do list recommended for indulging yourselves in Hanoi

25. Hue



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